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04 July

Our World Cup Blogs!

Year 2 have been researching different countries from the World Cup. We have learnt a lot of facts about our chosen country and their football team (although unfortunately now some of them are knocked out!). We have put these into our own blog posts. Take a look and leave us a comment 🙂 


The blog of Spain

My country is Spain and it’s capital city is Madrid. Spain is located in the continent Europe. It is 505,990 KM and the size of population is 45,56 million (how many people live there) There language is Spanish also there money is a Euro. The weather is hot all year long sometimes. The Prime Minister is Pedro Sanchez The natural Anthem is Lamarcha real also the flag is horizontal. The national animal or flower is carnation flower and the famous people are Penelope Cruz and Janvier Bardem. The team captain is Sergio Ramos. The football stadium is Camp Nou. Spain’s football strip is red and yellow stripes.


Blog of Spain

Our country is Spain and it`s capital city is Madrid. Spain is located in the Continent of Europe. It is 498.468 km and has a Population (how many people live there) of 46.56 million. In Spain the language is Spanish. The currency is Euro`s. The climate is boiling hot. The President/Prime minister in Spain is Pedro Sanhez. The National Anthem in Spain is Marcha Real. The country flag is Spain.



The capital of Spain is Madrid. The Spanish flag has red and yellow stripes. In Spain they speak Spanish. “Ola” means “Hello”.  In Spain they like to eat paella. People like to go to Spain on holiday to swim in the sea. In Spain they have flamenco dancers, they clap castanets.


Spain Blog

My country is Spain and the capital city is Madrid. The continenet is Europe and the size of the country is 50 5 990 km2. The size of the population is 46.56 millon.The language for spain is Spanish. the spain money is uroes. It’s a hot country in spain. The spain prime minister is pedro sanchel. The national Anthem is the royal family. The couler  of the country flag is yellow and red.


Blog of France!

My country is called France and it’s capital city is called Paris.

It is located in Europe. The size is 643,801km it’s population is 66.9 million. They speck French. They use Euros. The climate is hot and the prime Minister is Edouard Philippe. There flower is an Iris. Coco Chanel is a famous person.


Blog about France

France! My country is France .  The capital city is paris . The continent is Eurpe.The size of the is  joint.  The amount of people is anorms.They spec French.  There mony are Eoros.There country is hot.


Blog of Brazil!

My country is called Brazil and its capital city is Brasilia.Brasil’s continent is located in South America and it is 8.5.16 km. The size of population is 207.7 million people living there and there language is Brazil. Brazils currency is brassica real and there climate is tropical. The president of Brazil is Michal Timer and there nation anthem is Hino national brazileiro. Brazils Country Flag is blue  , green ,yellow and white and also there nation flower is cattery labara. Famous people in Brazil are the king and Qeen and famous places are Brasilia. The football team captain is Neymar jr .



My country is Brazil. Brazil’s capital city is Brasilia, Brazil’s continent is South America, the size of the country is 8.516 million KL. The size of the population is 207.7 million KL. Their language is Portuguese. Their currency is Brazilian. Their climate is tropical. The mayor is called temper.


England in world cup

My country is England and London is the capital City. In the United Kingdom there’s 4 places and they are England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. I live in this country .407.710000 people live here and they like this country.

Are country is still in the world cup 2018.Are team captain is Harry Cane and he’s a good player.      Are team is my favourite one EVER!!!



My country today is Uruguay there capital city is Montevideo and surprisingly they speak Spanish. There population is 3.4 million Uruguay is in the continent South America apparently Uruguay is a very tiny country. Uruguay’s climate [how hot it is] is a very hot country there president is Tabare Vasquez there national flower is Erythrina Crista Galli. One of the famous people are carlos gardel also one of the famous places are pocitos beach.


Uruguay’s team captain is Diego Godin Uruguay also usually play in Estadio centenario.


Uruguay’s fact file

Uruguay is a country in the continent is South America and it’s capital city is Montevideo. Uruguay is a small country because it’s population is 3.444 million (how many people live there).Uruguay’s language is Spanish and their currency is called Uruguayan peso. Their climate is very hot the highest is 52 degrees. Their prime minister is Tabre  Vazquez and their national anthem is Orientales la patria o la tumba. Their national flower is Erythrina crista-galli and Uruguay’s famous person is Diego Forlan. One their famous places are Solis Theatre.

Uruguay’s football team

Uruguay is a good football team their team captain is Diego Godin and their football stadium is Estadio Centenario. Uruguay has a football strip is blue and white. INTRESTING FACT: Uruguay means river of the painted birds.



Our country is Croatia and its capital city is Zagreb. croatia’s continent is Europe. croatia is 56,594km and Its population is 4.171 million people. There language is Croatian. There currency is Croatian kuna that looks small. The climate in Croatia is hot summers and cold winters. There prime minister is a lady called Kolinda Graba-kitarovit. Croatia’s National Athem is lijepa nasa domoving and there flag is white,blue,red and gold. There national flower is a marten, a marten is purple. One of the famous people’s name was George mikan he was born in Croatia. 3 famous places are Brac,korcula and hvar.The team captain is a good player called Maksimir.

06 June

Term 6!

Please see our Topic Web for this term:

Y2T6 Topic Web (The Great Fire of London)

24 May

Parent Gallery!

What an exciting afternoon we have had! Thank you to all the parents that came to our gallery – we hope you enjoyed it!

We have all adored this Topic and I just want to thank you for all your support over the past term.

Have a lovely holiday!


23 May


We are getting prepared and excited for our Parent Gallery!

22 May

Animal Encounters…

What an incredible experience we had yesterday! Take a look at what we got up to…


17 May

Look what we’ve been up to…

In Maths we have been working on position and direction and learning language such as left, right, clockwise, anti-clockwise, turn, forwards and backwards. We have physically used our bodies, used bee-bots and had a go on smaller sheets in our books. It has been quite tricky but the children have really worked hard at it.

Next week we are moving onto the position and direction of shape!

As well as that, in Topic this week we have had a go at drawing the main characters from ‘The Dragon Slayer’ which we have been working on in English. We used a technique called feathering with our drawing pencils and then used both watercolours and pastels to colour these in. You will see these on display next week!

In English this week we adapted the story of ‘The Dragon Slayer’ by changing the names or the weapons or the characters and then we wrote our own unique stories. The children worked really hard on these and they are absolutely wonderful – I can’t wait for you to read them at our Parent Gallery! Next week the children will be writing a recount of from our exciting visitor on Monday.

Next Monday an animal man will be bringing in his snakes, spiders and creepy crawlies to share with the children which they are very excited about! Thank you so much to the parents (and family members etc) who sponsored the children in our sponsored spell as some of that money has gone towards this exciting experience for the children.

Have a lovely weekend!

10 May


We’ve had a wonderful week learning to use a sewing machine! We are creating something very exciting which will be on show at our Parent Gallery at the end of term. Can you guess what it is from the pictures below?

With big thanks to Mrs P because without her it may not have been possible!

03 May

Week 4

We’ve had a lovely week this week. Not only have we completed our SATs in reading, we have also written a wonderful letter from St George to the dragon apologising for killing him. The children did remarkably well at this and I was very impressed with each piece of work produced. Next week in Big Write we are retelling the story from a film clip called ‘The Dragon Slayer’. You can find this on the Literacy Shed website if you want to watch it before next week. The week after that we will then be adapting this story and rewriting our Big Write with our adaptions.

In Maths this week we have learnt how to subtract 2 digit numbers using pictures of diennes and the column method. We even managed to try this out with chalk on the playground which we thoroughly enjoyed! Next week will be revision and the Maths SATs.

In PE this week we continued to practise our tennis skills as well as play some old playground games.

In Topic this week we not only collaged two of our own large dragons, we followed a video clip to help us draw our own Chinese dragon and then we learnt how to use different types of pencils, strokes and pressure to shade them in. These will all be on display for our Parent Gallery at the end of term.

We are very excited for Bike and Maths tomorrow so pictures will follow!

Have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend!


27 April

A wonderful week…

This week we had Mr Day visit us on Monday to inform us that he had found something peculiar on the school CCTV (please see Twitter @wps_orange to view the video). The children then acted as reporters and gathered lots of information from Mr Day. We found out that:

  • the dragon visit could have been linked to St George’s Day
  • that it may have caused the thunder and lightning on Saturday night
  • that it was obviously angry at something as it blew fire and scorched the grassy bank
  • that Mr Day spent the whole of Sunday cleaning the playground and trimming away the burnt grass
  • that it might have  been hurt because Mr Day found luminous slime and we found dragon skin

The children collated all this information and looked at different newspaper articles to ensure they knew what a good article included. They then wrote their own on Thursday’s Big Write and typed these up on Friday ready for our parent gallery at the end of term.

The children have also created dragon eyes to share at our parent gallery using clay. They found this very exciting as many of them had never worked with clay before. They were intrigued to use the different tools and see the different marks they could make!

In PE this term the children are learning how to play tennis. So far we have practised balancing the ball on our racket, bouncing the ball on our racket and hitting a ball from a bounce.

In Maths this week we have been learning how to add using pictures of dienes and the column method and next week we are subtracting using pictures of dienes and the column method. This will hopefully support us in our SATs in the second week of May. If you would like any extra work based on this or any guidance on how to do this please contact me.

Have a lovely weekend!

16 April

The Key Stage 1 Tests

Dear Parents,

Please see the two videos below which have information about the KS1 SATs tests. We will not be undertaking a parents evening around this but if you would like to ask me any questions please feel free to grab me at the end of the day or ring the office and ask to speak to me.

The children will undertake English Reading, Maths and English Grammar and Punctuation tests across the month of May (not including the week of the KS2 SATs). However, we will not be making this a big event and the children should hopefully see it as another normal assessment.

Thank you,

Miss Quick

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