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21 February

Welcome to STEM!

What an exciting week we have had so far… this term is going to be excellent! The children have already had an exciting assembly from Miss Simpson who showed us some amazing Science experiments and then Prior Park Secondary school teachers came to show us some excellent experiments. They are also coming back on Friday for an exciting workshop which we can’t wait to be part of. Watch this space for photos!

In English the children began the week creating paper bridges for a ‘competition’ which they are then going to write up an explanation text for. They have had to think carefully about the materials they will use, the shape of the bridge and how it will fit into the environment as well as working sensibly in groups, sharing ideas and constructing together.

In Maths the children have been studying 3D shapes by looking at the number of vertices, faces and edges they have as well as learning their names. Some good games you could use at home to consolidate this are:

  3. What Shape am I? (Parent choose a shape and give clues, children try and guess. Swap over.)

In Topic this week we have been discussing the meaning of STEM. You may have seen our lovely video on twitter but if you didn’t here it is in Powerpoint form:

What is STEM

The children also thought of some fabulous ‘I wonder…’ questions. If you are stuck on something to do for the Invention Convention perhaps you could ask the child what their ‘I wonder…’ question was, research the answer together and then create something based around this. Good luck!

Attached is our Topic Web for this term. However you will see that our Topic lessons will mostly be based around the children’s questions so next week we will be looking into (and hopefully answering!):

What would happen if gravity stopped? If gravity pulls things down to Earth, why doesn’t the moon come down to Earth?

Thank you to the two children who thought of those questions over the holidays!

Y2T4 Topic Web (STEM)

Next week in English we are writing persuasive letters and in Maths we are looking at fractions (1/2 and 1/4).

09 February

End of term fun

We said goodbye to Miss Diamond by making some yummy pancakes! Sorry there are not pictures of everyone – the iPad ran out of battery!!

A little note about the letters which were sent home today.

You have been given a sponsored spell for Y2 and a sponsored climb for the whole school PTA. I apologise that these have come home at the same time. Please feel free to just sponsor the children a small amount for the Y2 sponsored spell and give more towards the PTA event. As well as that there was also a workbook sent home which was just for your children to have a go at – please don’t feel pressure to complete it and bring it in immediately after the holidays.

Have a lovely holiday!

29 January

Term 3 Update

We have had a wonderful week getting arty! We created these amazing faces in the style of Picasso who was the hero that we have been studying this week. As well as that in English this week we wrote descriptive pieces full of expanded noun phrases and commas in lists to describe Picasso’s famous painting of ‘The Three Musicians’. Next week we are looking at Mozart and Beethoven in Topic and over the next two weeks we are going to be writing our own superhero stories in English!

In Maths this week we have been interpreting, drawing and answering questions about tally charts and pictograms. Instead of Abacus homework this week the children have a tally chart worksheet to complete by next Friday. Next week in Maths we are continuing to look at pictograms and moving on to explore block graphs aswell.

Please note:

Miss Diamond our student teacher will be leaving us at the end of this term. I will explain this to the children but you might like to explain it too.

Safer Internet Day is Tuesday 6th February and we are really looking forward to a day off of timetable to talk all things e-safety.

Next term is our whole school Topic term. This year it will be based around STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). We are looking forward to experimenting, creating interesting pieces, completing our home challenges (which will be set in Term 4) and learning about jobs in these areas. More information will follow in the upcoming weeks.

Please continue to read as much as possible at home because we have seen a decline in reading in Y2 and not many children are moving around our race track. Also please be aware of the changes to your childs spellings and ensure they are practising these at home

05 January


See the attachment below for some pictures of our Mopping Up Science Experiment that the children did this week!

Mopping Up Experiment

05 January

Welcome back!

Welcome back to Term 3! Our topic this term is ‘We need a hero!’. Please see the Topic Web below for more details:

Y2T3 Topic Web (We need a hero!)


15 December

Merry Christmas!

The children were absolutely brilliant at the performance last night – we are so proud of them. We hope you enjoyed it!

This week the children put their sewing skills to the test by creating  handmade stockings and they made some Christmas lanterns which are both coming home today.

Below you can also see the children enjoying our wonderful Christmas party today!

30 November

Outdoor Learning

30 November

Bath City Farm

22 November
22 November

We’ve been creating healthy snacks!

Take a look at us learning how to cut safely using the bridge hold and the claw. We enjoyed cutting different fruits and creating a fruit face! As well as that, we created breakfast/snack bars using porridge, rice crispies, raisins, dark chocolate chips, butter and a little bit of honey.

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