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30 November

Outdoor Learning


30 November

Bath City Farm


22 November
22 November

We’ve been creating healthy snacks!

Take a look at us learning how to cut safely using the bridge hold and the claw. We enjoyed cutting different fruits and creating a fruit face! As well as that, we created breakfast/snack bars using porridge, rice crispies, raisins, dark chocolate chips, butter and a little bit of honey.


10 November

Week 2

Hello and welcome back to Term 2!

I apologise for the lack of pictures but I can inform you that we have had a wonderfully busy week where everyone has worked incredibly hard.

In Maths the children have moved onto studying money and have been learning to recognise the symbols £ and p. They have used coins and pictures to make amounts of money and next week they are moving onto finding the difference between two values.

As it is Maths week we have focused on reasoning and problem solving activities and the children are beginning to grasp what these types of questions entail.

Below are some Maths problems if your child is feeling particularly enthusiastic and fancies challenging themselves over the weekend:


Please feel free to bring these in to share for magic moments, house points and more!

In English this week the children have wrote instructions to make their favourite sandwich. The children worked hard to create command sentences using imperative (bossy) verbs. They also had to try and make their instructions informative as well as descriptive!

Image result for the four sentence types: statement, command, exclamation, question

The winners sandwich will be made by the adults in our class and the child will get to eat it at their delight!

Next week the children are retelling the story of Handa’s Surprise… can they remember any of the actions that they learnt today for this story? Record them or send pictures to us via the twitter @welton_orange

In Topic this week the children have learnt all about being sugar smart. On Tuesday they brought home a sheet after our discussion about sugar smart breakfast choices. We would love if you could make some sensible sugar swaps or choices and record these for us – we are hoping to gain a sugar smart award as a school and your sheets will be evidence towards this! Please ask if you would like another one.

Looking forward to seeing you all at parents evening next week. Please remember to come 5-10 minutes early so you can have a peek at your child’s books. Please also remember that next Friday KS1 are travelling to Bath Odeon to watch Cars 3 in 3D – we are very excited! Please keep your eyes peeled for another trip letter as the Year 2 team are hoping to take the children to Bath City Farm on November 27th – more details to follow.

Have a lovely weekend!

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