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30 November

Outdoor Learning


30 November

Bath City Farm


22 November
22 November

We’ve been creating healthy snacks!

Take a look at us learning how to cut safely using the bridge hold and the claw. We enjoyed cutting different fruits and creating a fruit face! As well as that, we created breakfast/snack bars using porridge, rice crispies, raisins, dark chocolate chips, butter and a little bit of honey.


10 November

Week 2

Hello and welcome back to Term 2!

I apologise for the lack of pictures but I can inform you that we have had a wonderfully busy week where everyone has worked incredibly hard.

In Maths the children have moved onto studying money and have been learning to recognise the symbols £ and p. They have used coins and pictures to make amounts of money and next week they are moving onto finding the difference between two values.

As it is Maths week we have focused on reasoning and problem solving activities and the children are beginning to grasp what these types of questions entail.

Below are some Maths problems if your child is feeling particularly enthusiastic and fancies challenging themselves over the weekend:


Please feel free to bring these in to share for magic moments, house points and more!

In English this week the children have wrote instructions to make their favourite sandwich. The children worked hard to create command sentences using imperative (bossy) verbs. They also had to try and make their instructions informative as well as descriptive!

Image result for the four sentence types: statement, command, exclamation, question

The winners sandwich will be made by the adults in our class and the child will get to eat it at their delight!

Next week the children are retelling the story of Handa’s Surprise… can they remember any of the actions that they learnt today for this story? Record them or send pictures to us via the twitter @welton_orange

In Topic this week the children have learnt all about being sugar smart. On Tuesday they brought home a sheet after our discussion about sugar smart breakfast choices. We would love if you could make some sensible sugar swaps or choices and record these for us – we are hoping to gain a sugar smart award as a school and your sheets will be evidence towards this! Please ask if you would like another one.

Looking forward to seeing you all at parents evening next week. Please remember to come 5-10 minutes early so you can have a peek at your child’s books. Please also remember that next Friday KS1 are travelling to Bath Odeon to watch Cars 3 in 3D – we are very excited! Please keep your eyes peeled for another trip letter as the Year 2 team are hoping to take the children to Bath City Farm on November 27th – more details to follow.

Have a lovely weekend!

18 October

Week 7

The children have worked so hard this week to write a letter to persuade someone close to them to come to our end of term Carnival party. They had such a great time playing knock down the cups, guessing how many sweets were in a jar, completing some carnival colouring and many more activities.

Take a look:


13 October

Week 6

Before I begin explaining what we have been up to this week, I must praise the children on a fabulous harvest festival last Friday! I have a video of this but unfortunately I cannot get it upload it on here due to it’s size. If you would like to see it please ask!

This week we have been adding 1 digits to a 2 digit number, adding multiples of 10 to a 2 digit number and adding 11, 12, 21 and 22 to 2 digit numbers. The children have done this by using 100 square and the spider who jumps up and down in tens and the fly who moves from side to side in ones. Next week we will be using the fly and spider to help us subtract on a 100 square!

In Topic this week we have been studying amphibians so for English we created information leaflets based on an amphibian. We discussed the features in non-fiction texts and tried to include these in our leaflets. Our SPAG focus this week was commas in a list which children are trying their hardest to include in their writing. Next week in English we are creating persuasive letters to encourage people to come to our Carnival animal party on Wednesday afternoon. This means Big Write will be on the Wednesday. Our SPAG focus is statement sentences.

In PE this term we have been pretending to be different types of animals. We have moved like these animals and created sequences in small groups, partners and as a whole class.

Please remember next week is a 4 day week due to INSET on Friday. Please also remember that awards assembly will be on Thursday!

Have a lovely weekend 🙂


29 September

Week 4

We’ve had a lovely few weeks settling into Year 2.

In English we have studied and edited Farmer Duck and wrote a character description for the Enormous Crocodile. In both pieces we have focused on improving our writing by adding adjectives, expanded noun phrases and lists. Next week we are writing a diary entry from the viewpoint of one of the characters in the Enormous Crocodile by Road Dahl.

In Maths we have studied the place value of each digit in a 2 digit number, recalled our number bonds to 10 and learnt how these can help us with our number bonds to 20. Next week we are focusing on our number bonds to 100 and adding and subtracting 10 from any given 2 digit number.

In Topic we have learnt about the different types of animals, discussed what animals need to survive and learnt about life cycles. Next week we are focusing on birds and fish.

As well as all of this, we have had PE dance sessions with Mrs Hayward, logged onto the computers safely and securely, made Christmas cards (I know!), had a wonderful Golden Time and much, much more!

Have a lovely weekend!

12 September

Welcome to Year 2 :)

Look what we have been getting up to:

We have been studying the place value of numbers to 100 in Maths. In English we have been writing recounts of our holidays and riddles about animals. In Topic we have begun to learn about the different types of animals, specifically mammals this week, where we have wrote facts, completed life cycles and made collages.

If you were unable to make the ‘Meet the teacher’ this evening, please see the link below for the presentation. Feel free to come and see me at anytime so I can answer any questions you may have.

Meet the teacher presentation

06 September

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